Getting insight
you never had before

Employ a system that keeps eyes on your technology, tracks its every divergence, reveals correlation of data, provides you with immediate security messages…

… lowers need of regular preventive maintenance and reduces operating costs – and does that all the time for you!

Independent on-line power plant monitoring

Monitoring and control system is a web-based system for remote monitoring of power plants with a possibility of control it. It displays the course of variables and signals (including control signals), archives them and displays them in practical graphs and in a manager cockpit. It provides tools for discovering the cause of possible power plant malfunctions. It immediately reports breaching of safe intervals for each signal.

Rules checked per day
records stored per month
Solved incidents per year

Why should you get our monitoring and control system?

Completely independent on suppliers of technologies and control systems, dispatchers, operators and service companies.

We guarantee to display the real data without the possibility of altering them in any way.​

Manager cockpit

displays current status of power plant tailored to manager needs

Intuitive graphical user interface

including responsive design

Technical overview of signals and variables

including control signals

Graphical representation of signals and variables historical values

Export feature for all data for further analysis and independent audit

Simple graphical scheme of power plant status

including relevant switches

Possibility to control the power plant using predefined commands.

Commands are validated before performing.

Possibility to define safe and warning interval for values of each signal/variable.

Different actions can be defined when signal/variable falls out of safe or warning intervals (display notification, e-mail, SMS etc.)

Possibility to acknowledge warning states

When a value of signal/variable falls outside predefined interval, even for a short time, this event will be logged and operator's acknowledgment will be required.

Comprehensive overview of all signals/variables that fall outside of safe/warning interval

How have we prevented a significant loss of profit caused by non-production:

More than half towers of a wind park were unexpectedly shutdown during regular operation. During the investigation, supplier of the wind park stated that the shutdown was caused by the control system which identified risk of frost – it posed a threat to the surrounding environment and possibility of injuring nearby people by falling ice from the blades. Interesting fact was, that not all towers were shut down, but only part of them. Supplier tried to explain this by varying meteorological conditions at different towers – air thermic, elevation etc.

However, KEYSYSTEM – monitoring and control system showed that the towers that were stopped had a higher temperature of oil in their gearboxes than in the other towers. The wind park owner then asked the supplier whether the shutdown was not caused by this, even though the temperature was still in the safe limits. Power plant owner then also realized that the supplier performed firmware update on the towers that were stopped, but not on the others. By analyzing further data, the supplier came to the conclusion that the new firmware was faulty – it evaluated certain conditions wrong and set the turbine propellers angle of attack sub-optimally, leading to an increased temperature and safety shutdown. Due to fast intervention of KEYSYSTEM, it was possible to fix incorrect parameters and start the whole power plant in short time.

How we saved client's money and the investment into the monitoring system returned before it was deployed into production operation?

Our monitoring and control system was deployed during the testing phase of our client’s power plant to monitor signals and variables of the wind towers as they were put into operation. The system was launched into test operation to collect and store data, track trends and observe above- and below-threshold values requiring operators’ acknowledgment.

After a month of running in test mode, the distributor of electrical energy refused to pay for energy delivered during three consecutive days, explaining that the power plant did not supply any electricity into the distribution network. Power plant owner contacted the wind park supplier (a foreign company) as well as the control operators. Supplier confirmed that the power plant was delivering electricity. But the operator did not have all systems set up yet, so he did not have sufficient proof. Thanks to analysis of KEYSYSTEM – Monitoring and Control system it was obvious that the wind turbines were turning, data from gearboxes reported nominal parameters, measuring points of electrical generators did not show any anomalies and the current was flowing through block transformers. However, the system recorded a few short successive downtimes followed by one long downtime of the data bus in the substation that was, among others, connected to the distribution network. Time of those downtimes correlated to the time in which the distributor claimed non-production. After further analysis the data was provided to the distributor who after some time accepted the complaint and fully reimbursed the owner of the power plant.


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