Building Comfort without Limits

First AI driven smart building control system
supports fully autonomous control and monitoring of buildings

KEYSYSTEM - Building Comfort System in Numbers


kWh saved


real-time events logged


commands sent

on the average building per year

System provides these advantages:

Improving users comfort

Lowering cost of ownership of technologies

Logging and secure storage of data for later analysis

Monitoring, notification about breaching limit values.

Reporting of incidents and deviations, problem identification

Fully automated AI algorithm based on measured data, 3D mathematical model and complex logic

KEYSYSTEM Building Comfort System benefits will be described on external blinds control:

System is based on a complex 3D model describing the controlled building including neighboring buildings.
The 3D model is used to calculate the illumination of each window at particular date and time as well as 3D visualisation of current state.

System can control blinds using various strategies:

Optimisation for building inhabitants

Keeps blinds as open as possible, but prevents direct sunlight from entering the interior

Optimisation for building operators

Cost minimisation for cooling during summer / heating in winter

Compromise between comfort and cost

Additional features:

Automatic raise of blinds in case of strong winds

Each blind can be controlled manually using a switch inside

Possibility of improving the algorithm by calculating the reflections from nearby buildings

Operator can enforce global strategy – e.g. raise all blinds during windows cleaning

All data are logged and can be exported for further analysis and independent audit

Scalable application with minimal HW requirements

Fast implementation

Blind control in a building with irregular shape

Blind control might seem like a trivial task at first sight. However, sometimes it is necessary to consider whether we want to shade office space against sun, or whether we want to consider overall comfort of the tenants.

For example, the building can minimise heating of interior from the Sun during the summer whilst also preventing sun rays from entering the interior. On the other hand, in winter, blinds can be controlled so that they are controlled with regards of improving internal heating.

Some buildings might have an irregular shape, internal atrium, vertical design lamellas, etc. Throughout the year, the Sun is moving on varying track which influences different shadowing from neighboring buildings.

We create a complex 3D model of the building and its surrounding. Using this model and real time data (from e.g. meteo station), we can effectively control every blind.

We provide higher comfort for modern buildings while also saving costs for their owners. We taught those technologies how to really serve to the people inside glass buildings

System is designed to operate and manage building effectively – it can monitor operational status of devices (e.g. equipment aging, temperature, pressure, vibration, illuminance etc) and its surrounding (meteorological data) and then notify operator about needed action. This way (besides the building automation) it replaces costly preventive maintenance and eliminates expensive ad-hoc services, that may have negative impact on comfort of living in the building and prestige of building operation.

All parameters are configurable, separately for each blind. System is connected to industry-standardized bus, including meteo station. Algorithm considers those calculated and measured variables: sun azimuth and elevation, sun intensity (clear, partly cloudy, foggy), shadows of surrounding buildings and horizon, last time each blind was raised/lowered and/or tilted, time difference from last change of sun intensity, position of each blind on the building, minimal illuminated percentage of each window.

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